We will be taking the month of June to invite people from all over the blogosphere to join our experiment in helping provide practical and interesting research to the masses in short, informative bite-sized pieces.


A blog carnival is like a big online party where everyone is writing about the same topic on their own blogs, around the same time. In this case, the topic is research – namely, a summary of a research article that has interesting and/or practical value. We’ll reblog your post and you’ll link back to our site. And the internet will be aflutter with research-based blog posts!

Don’t have a blog? No problem! You can still contribute.


There has been a lot of discussion (online, at IATEFL 2017) about how teachers do not engage with research. Let’s prove this sentiment wrong! By providing a summary of practical research, you are both engaging with it and making it accessible to others so that they can engage with it, too. It’s win-win!

Need another reason to participate? The blog carnival is occurring during the month of June. Many people will be reading research and writing at this time. We’re all in this together, blogging away. What better time to join in and support each other?


Simply fill out the form below to let us know you are participating. Take May to search for the perfect article and publish your blog post in June. After completing the form above, we’ll send you a link to another form which you can use to alert us when your post is published on your blog.

Find some research and blog about it during the month of June. There are a few guidelines for participating.

  • On choosing research:
    • Try to choose practical research or research that reveals something interesting about language learning/teach.
    • Try to choose relatively recent research: depending on the topic, from the year 2005+.
    • If you don’t have access to a lot of research, you can search Google Scholar, which will link to free version of articles, if available. Otherwise, consult our list of open access journals or the Database of Open Access Journals.
  • On formatting/writing a summary
    • Start with an introduction that is quite general and introduces the topic via a story, a classroom observation, an ongoing discussion, etc – something interesting.
    • Summarize the article! Focus on important concepts, briefly mention experimental design (if applicable) and focus on the results and discussion
    • Practical Value – explain the practical value using the ideas from the article and your own ideas (you can make your own ideas a separate section, if you’d like)
    • References – always cite your sources!
  • On tagging
    • Tag your blog article (in the title and/or on Twitter) with the hashtag #researchbites!

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