As English language teachers, we all need to understand the pedagogical underpinnings of what we do in our language classrooms. But we are also all busy people, who may not have access to or time to access publications on the latest developments and findings from language education research.

ELT Research Bites is here to help!

The purpose of ELT Research Bites is to present interesting and relevant language and education research in an easily digestible format. Academic journal articles and research reports tend to be long, perhaps even long-winded. And rightfully so – there is a lot of theoretical and often statistical work that must be clearly explained and a journal article is the best place for that. We hope, with this new blog, to help all language teachers benefit from the insights gained through academic research, whilst not taking too much of their time away from where it is needed most – the classroom.

ELT Research Bites serves you the substance and context of the full article at the length of an abstract, with a side dish of practical implications! With these bite-size summaries of applied linguistics and pedagogy research, ELT Research Bites aims to offer a bridge to empirical or other published work which contributors feels deserve attention and which you can adapt and apply in your own language teaching!

ELT Research Bites Contributors

Anthony Schmidt Anthony Schmidt is editor of ELT Research Bites. He also has his own blog at Offline, he is a full-time English language instructor in a university IEP program. He is interested in all aspects of applied linguistics, in particular English for Academic Purposes.

Clare Maas Clare holds post-graduate qualifications from the University of Wales and Trinity College London. Before moving into tertiary education, she taught English at German grammar schools, and English for Specific Purposes at several language academies in the UK and Germany. Her professional interests include EAP materials development and CPD for teachers. She also blogs at

Mura Nava Interested in most things language wise. Member of TaWSIG, Teachers as Workers Special Interest Group which promotes discussion and action on working conditions in language teaching. Check us out at

Jeremy Slagoski Jeremy earned his PhD in Teaching & Learning (Foreign Language & ESL Education) at the University of Iowa. He's currently working on ELT research projects on extensive reading, professional learning, social media, and teacher cognition. He lives in Carbondale, Illinois with his wife, daughter, and cat.

Stephen Bruce Stephen works as an EAP tutor in Ireland for Dublin International Foundation College. He is a member of ELT Ireland and blogs at and tweets @EAPSteve.